Where should you live in Japan? Read our guides to residential neighborhoods  around Japan to find the right one for you!

Tokyo 23 Wards

  • Bunkyo Ward Guide

  • Chiyoda Ward Guide

  • Chuo Ward Guide

  • Minato Ward Guide

  • Shibuya Ward Guide

  • Edogawa Ward Guide

  • Katsushika Ward Guide

  • Koto Ward Guide

  • Sumida Ward Guide

  • Taito Ward

  • Ota Ward Guide

  • Meguro Ward Guide

  • Shinagawa Ward Guide

  • Nakano Ward Guide

  • Nerima Ward Guide

  • Setagaya Ward Guide

  • Suginami Ward Guide

  • Adachi Ward Guide

  • Arakawa Ward Guide

  • Itabashi Ward Guide

  • Kita Ward Guide

  • Toshima Ward Guide


​Tokyo City Town

City Area

  • Chofu City Guide

  • Kokubunji City Guide

  • Fuchu City Guide

  • Komae City Guide

  • Hachioji City Guide

  • Mitaka City Guide

  • Higashi-Koganei City Guide

  • Machida City Guide

  • Hino City Guide

  • Tachikawa City Guide

  • Kunitachi City  Guide

  • Inagi City Guide

  • Kichijoji Guide


  • Yokohama Station Area Guide



  • Osaka Area Guide

  • Sakai Area Guide


Bunkyo Ward Neighbourhoods

Chiyoda Ward Neighbourhoods

Chuo Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Hongo Area Guide - Bunkyo

  • Kanda Ward Guide

  • Nihonbashi Ward Guide

  • Sendagi Area Guide

  • Lidabashi Ward Guide

  • Kachidoki Ward Guide

Minato Ward Neighbourhoods

Shibuya Ward Neighbourhoods

Shinjuku Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Akasaka Area Guide

  • Daikanyama Area Guide

  • Okubo Area Guide

  • Aoyama Area Guide

  • Ebisu Area Guide

  • Ochiai Area Guide

  • Shimbashi Area Guide

  • Hiroo Area Guide

  • Nakai Area Guide

  • Roppongi Area Guide

  • Hatagaya Area Guide

  • Takadanobaba Area Guide

  • Shirokanedai Area Guide

  • Hatsudai Area Guide

  • Yotsuya Area Guide

  • Hamamatsucho Area Guide

  • Omotesando Area Guide

  • Tamachi Area Guide

  • Nogizaka Area Guide

  • Sangubashi Area Guide

  • Yoyogi Area Guide

  • Mita Area Guide



Edogawa Ward Neighbourhoods

Katsushika Ward Neighbourhoods

Koto Ward Neighbourhoods

Sumida Ward Neighbourhoods

Taito Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Kinshicho Area Guide

  • Asakusa Area Guide

  • Uguisudani Area Guide

  • Ueno Area Guide

  • Okachimachi Area Guide

  • Kuramae Area Guide


Meguro Ward Neighbourhoods

Ota Ward Neighbourhoods

Shinagawa Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Jiyugaoka Area Guide

  • Denenchofu Area Guide

  • Gotanda Area Guide

  • Ikejiriohashi Area Guide

  • Kamata Area Guide

  • Osaki Area Guide

  • Meguro Area Guide

  • Shinagawa Area Guide

  • Yutenji Area Guide



Setagaya Ward Neighbourhoods

Suginami Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Futako-Tamagawa Area Guide

  • Asagaya Area Guide

  • Sangenjaya Area Guide

  • Ogikubo Area Guide

  • Shimokitazawa Area Guide

  • Nishi-Ogikubo Area Guide

Nakano Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Nakano Area Guide

  • Higashi-Nakano Area Guide

  • Yoga Area Guide

Suginami Ward Neighbourhoods


Arakawa Ward Neighbourhoods

Kita Ward Neighbourhoods

Toshima Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Nippori Area Guide

  • Akabane Area Guide

  • Ikebukuro Area Guide

  • Nishi-Nippori Area Guide

  • Jujo Area Guide

  • Komagome Area Guide

  • Tabata Area Guide

  • Mejiro Area Guide

  • Otsuka Area Guide

Adachi Ward Neighbourhoods

Itabashi Ward Neighbourhoods