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Where should you live in Japan? Read our guides to residential neighborhoods  around Japan to find the right one for you!

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​Tokyo City Town

City Area

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  • Osaka Area Guide

  • Sakai Area Guide

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Edogawa Ward Neighbourhoods

Katsushika Ward Neighbourhoods

Koto Ward Neighbourhoods

Sumida Ward Neighbourhoods

Taito Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Kinshicho Area Guide

  • Asakusa Area Guide

  • Uguisudani Area Guide

  • Ueno Area Guide

  • Okachimachi Area Guide

  • Kuramae Area Guide


Meguro Ward Neighbourhoods

Ota Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Denenchofu Area Guide

  • Kamata Area Guide

Shinagawa Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Gotanda Area Guide

  • Osaki Area Guide

  • Shinagawa Area Guide

  • Yutenji Area Guide

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Setagaya Ward Neighbourhoods

Suginami Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Futako-Tamagawa Area Guide

  • Asagaya Area Guide

  • Sangenjaya Area Guide

  • Ogikubo Area Guide

  • Shimokitazawa Area Guide

  • Nishi-Ogikubo Area Guide

Nakano Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Nakano Area Guide

  • Higashi-Nakano Area Guide

  • Yoga Area Guide

Suginami Ward Neighbourhoods


Arakawa Ward Neighbourhoods

Kita Ward Neighbourhoods

Toshima Ward Neighbourhoods

  • Nippori Area Guide

  • Akabane Area Guide

  • Ikebukuro Area Guide

  • Nishi-Nippori Area Guide

  • Jujo Area Guide

  • Komagome Area Guide

  • Tabata Area Guide

  • Mejiro Area Guide

  • Otsuka Area Guide

Adachi Ward Neighbourhoods

Itabashi Ward Neighbourhoods

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