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Ikegiriohashi Area Guide, Meguro Ward Neighbourhoods: 池尻大橋

Ikejiriohashi is located right on the border between Meguro Ward and Setagaya Ward in Tokyo. Its address places it technically in Meguro Ward, though. Very technically speaking, Ikejiriohashi is the name of the station, which is the point where three different neighborhoods intersect: Ikejiri, Ohashi, and Higashiyama. The area around Ikejiriohashi resides just outside the crowds around downtown Shibuya, and has a very different atmosphere. The streets of Ikejiriohashi offer residents a calmer side of Tokyo with plenty of parks and green space. The Meguro River runs through the neighborhood, so most apartments in the area are close enough to be within walking distance to the many parks lining the river. The cherry trees along the river attract many visitors during hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season in the spring, and you’ll find many street food vendors along the road, creating a very lively community feeling.


AVERAGE RENT near Ikejiriohashi, Meguro

Apartment Type Average Rent

1R / 1K ¥ 116,000

1LDK / 2K / 2DK ¥ 25,0000

2LDK / 3K / 3DK ¥ 330,000

Ikejiriohashi positions high as far as reasonableness because of the quiet roads, accessibility of general stores, and fast transportation to a significant city center point (Shibuya). You'll even track down an assortment of eateries, bistros, and izakaya (Japanese bar) around the area, since adjacent areas incorporate Naka-meguro and Sangenjaya. With this comfort in the area, it shouldn't come at an unexpected that the normal lease for the area will in general be on the top of the line.

Close to Ikekiriohashi Station you'll observe the Meguro Sky Garden, a housetop garden worked over the intersection of two significant turnpikes. This intersection was laid out in 2013 and the enormous complex likewise includes a high rise, library, and shops.


1.Bunka Yokusen 文化浴泉

As of late reestablished by draftsman Kentaro Imai, Bunkayokusen's known as a fashioner sento. Worried about the endurance of the sento custom, Kentaro has turned into an expert in revamping public showers, wanting to restore interest - and his endeavors are paying off as more youthful individuals run to these more present day showers. Kentaro gives each sento he chips away at a subsequent life, incorporating stylish subtleties while protecting the conventional environment - for Bunkayokusen's situation, elements like its exceptional wooden roof, mosaic divider and wall painting of Mt Fuji.

The painting was painted by Morio Nakajima, one of just three leftover sento painting painters in Japan, who for the most part center around pictures of Mt Fuji since individuals like to wash at the 'foot' of the mountain. The paintings are called penki-e, named after the sort of paint utilized, and ordinarily highlight the mountain painted in blue on one side and red on the other. The people's showers are marginally unique, so they trade sides every day. There are three kinds of showers - rub, nanobubble and cold water - and a sauna. The nanobubbles are little to the point that they infiltrate profoundly into skin pores and clear them out. Calcium and magnesium are eliminated from the water to make it gentler on the skin. The anteroom includes a back rub seat for additional unwinding. 2.Higashiyama Park 目黒区立東山公園

It is a familiar park with a grass field, various trees and playsets. From July 1958 to April 1979, the Ministry of Construction (currently the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) Geographical Survey Institute was located here, so a monument is currently standing. In addition, the expansion and maintenance was completed on March 31, 2011, and the grass field plaza and sports plaza were further enhanced.


Toho University Ohashi Medical Center 東邦大学医療センター 大橋病院

Address: 2 Chome-22-36 Ohashi, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-8515

TEL: 0334681251

Furuhata Hospital 古畑病院

Address: 2 Chome-33-10 Ikejiri, Setagaya City, Tokyo 154-0001

TEL: 0334240705


  • Setagaya City University

  • Tokyo City University - Shibuya

  • Japan University of Economics Shibuya Campus

  • Japan University of Economics Graduate School

  • SANNO University Daikanyama Campus

  • The University of Tokyo - Komaba Campus

*Simple selection of the area


  • personal gym KNOT 池尻大橋 (9AM–10PM)

  • ANYTIME FITNESS Nakameguro (24 hours)

*Simple selection of the area


  • Seijo Ishii Supermarket

*Simple selection of the area


  • Shibuya PRIME

  • Tokyu Plaza Shibuya

*Simple selection of the area

Useful Information:

Police Station:

Metropolitan Police Meguro Police Station Ohashi Police Box

Address: 2 Chome-16-23 Ohashi, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0044

TEL: 0337100110

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