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Jiyugaoka Area Guide, Meguro Ward Neighbourhoods: 自由が丘

Jiyugaoka is a popular, complex area in Meguro Ward, where you can observe more sharp bread kitchens and desserts shops than you might at any point envision. Situated close to the southern finish of Meguro Ward, nearer to Setagaya Ward, Jiyugaoka consumes space that makes it entirely available to downtown Tokyo. Associated with public transportation by means of the Tokyu Toyoko and Tokyu Oimachi Lines, it's feasible to get to Shibuya, Yokohama, and Futako-Tamagawa straightforwardly from this station. The quiet private roads are extremely famous with those looking for a calmer yet beautiful side of Tokyo.


AVERAGE RENT near Nogizaka, Shinjuku

Apartment Type Average Rent

1R / 1K ¥ 160,000

1LDK / 2K / 2DK ¥ 28,8000

2LDK / 3K / 3DK ¥ 500,000

One of the more unmistakable private areas in Tokyo, Jiyugaoka is notable for offering inhabitants with an open to, loosening up climate with a lot of shopping and eating choices. The most remarkable of Jiyugaoka's specialties is its enormous grouping of desserts shops and pastry kitchens. For all intents and purposes along each road and back street in Jiyugaoka you'll observe a desserts shops competing to turn into the following sweet sensation in Tokyo. There are such a large number of shops to present, yet one significant area that is turned into a staple of the Jiyugaoka area is Sweets Forest Jiyugaoka. There are really eight unique desserts shops inside this energetically brightened foundation. Starting around 2003, these shops have been making an assortment of occasional sugary treats, setting Jiyugaoka as an objective for those with a sweet-tooth.

In some cases Jiyugaoka is alluded to as Tokyo's "Little Europe" because of the blend of wide common ways and customer facing facades that copy those found in European towns. The little Venetian-themed shopping complex of La Vita draws many guests with its exceptional plan and design.


1.Jōshinji Temple 九品山 唯在念佛院 淨眞寺 (浄真寺)

The origination of perhaps Tokyo's most seasoned tree (over 700 years of age), the Joshinji Temple or Jōshin-ji was first settled in 1678 in Kuhonbutsu (a couple of meters from the Kuhonbutsu Station in Tokyo) and home of the three Buddha Halls which are simply before the primary Hall, lodging three of the nine Amida (Amitabha) Buddha.

Every one of these tall sculptures shows an alternate hand position, otherwise called Mudra, which have an emblematic significance in exclusive Buddhism.

These Buddha Statues are the craftwork of the extraordinary expert Kaseki Shonin (1617-1694) who committed numerous long stretches of his life, from 18 years of age - 51 years of age, to make nine distinct appearances of the Amida Buddha.


Okusawa Hospital 奥沢病院

Address:〒158-0083 Tokyo, Setagaya City, Okusawa, 2 Chome−11−11 TEL: 0357017788 Tokyu Hospital 東急病院

Address:3 Chome-27-2 Kitasenzoku, Ota City, Tokyo 145-0062

TEL: 0337183331


  • Tokyo City University

  • Sanno University

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology



  • FASTGYM24 奥沢 (24 hours)

*Simple selection of the area


  • Tokyu Store Jiyugaoka Fullel With

  • Food Pavilion Aoba Jiyugaoka

  • National Den-en

*Simple selection of the area


  • Melsa Jiyugaoka

  • Mast Jiyugaoka

  • Fullel with Jiyugaoka

  • Luz Jiyugaoka 

*Simple selection of the area

Useful Information:

Police Station:

Jiyugaoka Police Box

Address: 1 Chome-30-2 Jiyugaoka, Meguro City, Tokyo 152-0035

TEL: 0337940110

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