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Nogizaka Area Guide, Shinjuku Ward Neighbourhoods: 乃木坂

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Nogizaka is a posh private area situated in focal Minato ward, Tokyo. inside strolling distance from Nogizaka you can get to Aoyama, Omotesando, Akasaka, or Roppongi. this is an awesome comfort for the individuals who love having a wide assortment of objections up close and personal! incredible for having the option to investigate various neighborhoods of Tokyo on your feet!


AVERAGE RENT near Nogizaka, Shinjuku

Apartment Type Average Rent

1R / 1K ¥ 160,000

1LDK / 2K / 2DK ¥ 28,8000

2LDK / 3K / 3DK ¥ 500,000

Situated in focal Minato Ward, Nogizaka is an upscale, fashionable private area settled between any semblance of Aoyama, Akasaka, and Roppongi. With such a wide exhibit of famous and fascinating neighborhoods inside strolling distance, Nogizaka offers a practically unequaled degree of accommodation. On top of this, the overflow of green spaces and stops in and around the area give Nogizaka a serene, peaceful inclination.


1. Hinokicho Park 檜町公園

Hinokicho Park and Playground is a metropolitan desert spring in focal Tokyo. Situated behind the Tokyo Midtown shopping complex the recreation area holds a perfectly arranged garden with little lake - dazzling during cherry bloom season in Spring and for the foliage in Autumn; enlightenments and skate arena in winter, different social exercises and occasions over time; the fantastic plan exhibition hall 21-21 Design Sight; green space and jungle gym; and offers many advantages to the local area by welcoming individuals to stop, sit, eat, play, and unwind.

Hinokicho ParkPick-up a cookout lunch at one of the Midtown Food Cafes or bread kitchens and meander the ways, foaming stream, and jungle gym. Couple with one of the 21-21 Design Sight occasions or shop in the Midtown stores and make a day of it.

2. 21_21 Design Sight

21_21 Design Sight is a gallery in Roppongi in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, which opened in 2007. The historical center, a plan exhibition hall, was made by planner Tadao Ando and style fashioner Issey Miyake. "The thought was to make not just a gallery that shows displays," says Ando, "yet in addition a spot for exploring the possibility of plan as a component that enhances our everyday existence, a spot that cultivates the public's advantage in plan by stimulating in them various sights and viewpoints on how we can see the world and the items encompassing us."[1] The structure, planned by Ando, is on the edge of the recreation area region, and highlights 1,700 square meters (18,300 sq ft) of floor space, including two exhibitions and a joined bistro run by culinary specialist and restaurateur Takamasa Uetake. The split-level substantial construction incorporates a hand-sanded steel rooftop (whose plan was enlivened by Issey Miyake's A-POC ("A Piece of Cloth") idea) and 14-meter (46 ft) long glass boards.


Sanno Hospital 山王病院

Address: 8 Chome-10-16 Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo 107-0052

Tel: 0334023151

The Jikei University Hospital

Address: 3 Chome-19-18 Nishishinbashi, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0003

Tel: 0334331111


  • CrossFit Nishi Azabu


*Simple selection of the area


  • Precce Premium Tokyo Midtown

  • My Basket

  • Meidi-Ya Roppongi Store

*Simple selection of the area



  • West Walk

  • Tokyo Midtown

*Simple selection of the area

Useful Information:

Police Station:

Akasaka 9-Chome Substation

Address: 9-7-7 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

TEL: 03-3475-0110

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