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Iidabashi Area Guide,Chiyoda Ward Neighbourhoods: 飯田橋

Iidabashi is an upscale business and private area situated in Chiyoda Ward, only north of the majestic castle. It is a significant station served by six train and tram lines, however its private areas are charming and loose. Iidabashi's area close to the Sakuka tree-lined Kanda stream strolling way and close by Koishikawa Korakuen gardens give the region a tasteful, quiet environment.


AVERAGE RENT near Iidabashi, Chiyoda

Apartment Type Average Rent

1R / 1K ¥ 105,000

1LDK / 2K / 2DK ¥ 150,000

2LDK / 3K / 3DK ¥ 237,000

Iidabashi is a little area situated in the northern piece of Chiyoda Ward. While it doesn't have similar degree of fame as other focal areas like Roppongi, Azabu Juban, or Hiroo, it makes them thing those different areas don't. From Iidabashi Station you can get a train or tram on 6 distinct lines (Chuo-Sobu, Chuo, Tozai, Yurakucho, Namboku, and Oedo). For a somewhat little area, this assortment in transportation choices truly helps the allure of the space.

Albeit one of the super engaging elements for deciding to live in Iidabashi is the measure of transportation choices accessible at Iidabashi Station, there is a considerable amount to like with regards to this bearable cut of Tokyo. You'll see that supermarkets and general stores are promptly open, there are rec centers nearby, and a lot of state funded schools are situated around the border of the area. The fundamental contrast among Iidabashi and other midway found areas (like Hiroo or Roppongi) is that there aren't as numerous English-arranged administrations nearby.

There are well known, staple ramen spots in Iidabashi like Nidaime Tsujita (especially popular for its "rich tsukemen"). Menya Ichiraku has volunteered to set up an interesting ramen that utilizes chicken and truly makes for a spirit supporting bowl of what could be viewed as chicken noodle soup. For those with a craving for experience, Nikaido offers menu things like Kimchi and Cheese Soba, Iriko (dried sardine) Broth Soba, and fiery variations like soup-less tan noodles!


Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens 小石川後楽園

Koishikawa Korakuen (小石川後楽園, Koishikawa Kōrakuen) is one of Tokyo's most established and best Japanese gardens. It was underlying the early Edo Period (1600-1867) at the Tokyo home of the Mito part of the decision Tokugawa family. Like its namesake in Okayama, the nursery was named Korakuen after a sonnet empowering a ruler to appreciate delight solely after accomplishing joy for his kin. Koishikawa is the area wherein the nursery is situated in.

Tokyo Daijingu Shrine 東京大神宮

Tokyo Daijingu Shrine is a Shinto sanctuary situated close to Iidabashi Station. It was worked in 1880, and in 1900 it turned into the main Shinto altar to hold a wedding service. Along these lines, the sanctuary is said to carry best of luck to connections, making it a well known spot for couples to visit. At the holy place, individuals frequently appeal to God for accomplishment in their connections or purchase omamori four leaf clovers for themselves or their accomplices. Tokyo Daijingu Shrine is likewise a best position for Tanabata, or the Star Festival, which is held in late-spring. During the celebration, individuals record their desires on sheets of paper and join them to the trees around the hallowed place. Enlightenments are additionally held after dusk, making for a vivid, heartfelt air.


  • The Nippon Dental University School of Life Dentistry 日本歯科大学生命歯学部

  • Tokyo University of Science Kagurazaka Campus 東京理科大学神楽坂キャンパス

  • Hosei University 法政大学

  • Tokyo Metropolitan University Iidabashi Campus東京都立大学 飯田橋キャンパス


National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Association Kudanzaka Hospital

国家公務員共済組合連合会 九段坂病院

Address: 1-6-12 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074

TEL: +81332629191

Gyms (24 hour)

  • Anytime Fitness Iidabashi

*Simple selection of the area.


  • Miuraya

  • My Basket Iidabashi ekikita shop

  • Seijo Ishii

  • Maruetsu Petit

  • Inageya

*Simple selection of the area.

Depaortment stores

  • RAMLA Iidabashi

  • Iidabashi Sakura Terrace-Mitsui Shopping Park

*Simple selection of the area.

Useful Information:

Police Station:

Kojimachi Police Station Iidabashi station square police station

Address: 2-9-4 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku

TEL: 03-3234-0110

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