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Ochiai Area Guide, Shinjuku Ward Neighbourhoods: 落合

Ochiai is an area in the eastern edge of Nakano Ward. This spots it between the bigger (and conspicuous) neighborhoods of Nakano and Takadanobaba. While this area probably won't have similar allure as its friends, it gives a calmer, more quiet neighborhood inside a short distance from clamoring shopping regions. The tranquility of the space, joined with the closeness to bigger stations, makes this region especially well known with families. Truth be told, you'll view as a modest bunch of elegant apartment buildings around Ochiai Station.


AVERAGE RENT near Ochiai, Shinjuku

Apartment Type Average Rent

1R / 1K ¥ 90,000

1LDK / 2K / 2DK ¥ 150,000

2LDK / 3K / 3DK ¥ 220,000

While Nakano Station may be the debut objective for people looking at the amusement and eating choices of Nakano Ward, Ochiai gives inhabitants a significantly more bashful environment contrasted with the furious groups in Nakano (and Takadanobaba). The private energy keeps things calm, yet this likewise implies there is a recognizable absence of eateries and shops nearby. Fortunately, occupants are a speedy train ride (or bicycle ride) away from bigger stations where to get their fill of shopping.

Ochiai is settled between a couple of prominent stations with many shopping and feasting choices. This aides give inhabitants an equilibrium with regards to decency nearby.


1.Hayashi Fumiko Memorial Hall 林芙美子記念館

When home to the writer of "Drifter's Song" and "Drifting Clouds", the Hayashi Fumiko Memorial Hall is a magnificent objective for book sweethearts. Visit this verifiable spot and see where Fumiko Hayashi dealt with her pieces. Stroll through the customary Japanese home, then, at that point, partake in the quiet nursery outside. 

2.Shinjuku City Otomeyama Park 新宿区立おとめ山公園

Otomeyama is composed as Mt. Otome or Mt. Boycott, and it has this name in light of the fact that the region was a hunting ground for the Tokugawa family and was forbidden to the overall population during the Edo time frame. Toward the north of this park, the Tokugawa Reimeikan situated in Mejiro 3-chome, Toshima-ku, and the "Agariyashiki" locale toward the north (there was once the Agariyashiki station on the Seibu Ikebukuro line), this region was in the Edo time frame. It was possessed by the shogunate. The historical backdrop of Mt. Otome is additionally sung in the school tune of the nearby Ochiai Daiyon Elementary School in Shinjuku Ward.

In the Meiji time, the place where there is the Tokugawa family was possessed by the Konoe family and the Soma family, and the part claimed by the Soma family turned into a nursery called "Rinsenen" in Nagaoka Yasuhei's Garden

After World War II, it was forsaken as a state-possessed land and was an arranged building site for public government employee lodging. The solid solicitation of the neighbors to save this nature, which was classified "Ochiai Unexplored Area", was productive, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government required three years to keep up with it and opened it as a recreation center on July 1, 1969. It was moved to Shinjuku Ward simultaneously as the recreation center opened, and has kept on being a ward park from that point forward.

With the cancelation of community worker lodging nearby the recreation center, Shinjuku Ward bought the site and extended it as a recreation center site , and the recreation center was completely opened on October 26, 2014.

It will be the second biggest park in Shinjuku Ward after Shinjuku Central Park.


Our Lady Hospital聖母病院


Address:2-5-1 Nakaochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Mejiro Hospital 目白病院


Address:3-22-23 Shimoochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


  • Tokyo Fuji University Main Building

  • Mejiro University

GYM (24 hours)

  • Central Sports Gym 24 Mejiro

*Simple selection of the areas


  • Maruetsu Petit Shimo Ochiai Ekimae Store

  • Queens Isetan Mejiro

  • OK Shimoochiai store

*Simple selection of the areas

Useful Information:

Police Station:

Totsuka Police Station

Address: 3-30-13 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-3207-0110

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