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What Souvenir Should You Buy In Japan

What should I buy in Japan? 5 gifts worth the money you should buy

You are enjoying a trip to the land of cherry blossoms but do not know what gifts to buy for friends and relatives that are both meaningful and worthy. Here are the top 5 gifts for you to choose from.

1. Lucky Cat Maneki Neko

Japanese people believe that the maneki neko cat will really bring luck and prosperity to the owner. When traveling to Japan, you can easily see this cat anywhere from supermarkets to large and small restaurants

If you intend to buy a lucky cat maneki neko as a gift, you need to distinguish different cats with different meanings. There are 3 types of lucky cats that you can easily distinguish by appearance:

The Maneki neko cat raised its left paw in greeting will bring many customers

The Maneki neko cat raising its right paw will bring luck in money

The Maneki neko cat with both paws raised will protect the family and business

2. Tenugui Towel

Tenugui is a thin printed scarf about 90cm long, rectangular in shape, considered the perfect souvenir for women. Towels are often printed with many different, beautiful, and eye-catching motifs

You can use Tenugui scarves to wear your head, make handkerchiefs, wrap plastic bottles, wrap gifts, and even decorate your room instead of carpet.

3. Yukata

Another great suggestion for visitors when buying gifts for relatives and friends is yukata. Yukata is a summer kimono, made of cotton fabric and has fewer layers than regular kimono. The Japanese often wear yukata at Japanese festivals or at Ryokan. You can go to fashion stores or tourist attractions of the land of the rising sun to buy the right "quality" yukata!

4. Japanese Chopsticks

The Japanese have a culture of using chopsticks with many rules. So if you are wondering what to buy when traveling to Japan, you definitely cannot ignore a special gift called Japanese chopsticks.

Japanese chopsticks are meticulously made of lacquered wood with small strokes on one end. The outside of the chopsticks is beautifully painted or painted, so in addition to being used in meals, Japanese chopsticks are also used to decorate the house.

5. Sake

Sake has long become a characteristic of the Japanese people and is deeply rooted in the cultural and spiritual life of this country. Each place will have a different way of making sake. Different types of rice, koji yeast and water, and different production methods will give a different taste of sake.

With a list of 5 meaningful gifts with unique Japanese characteristics, it must have helped you answer the question "What should I buy when going to Japan?". Wish you choose the desired gift and have a trip to the land of the rising sun with many unforgettable experiences!

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