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Summer In Japan And All You Need To Know

Summer in Japan is the most beautiful time of the year here. This time is the low season for domestic tourists, because in Japan there is no summer vacation like in many countries around the world, making this an extremely ideal time for tourists from neighboring countries. tropical like Vietnam.

Japanese summer starts from June to August and is hot and humid. However, this is also a time worth experiencing with green tourist attractions. Japan is known to the world for its beautiful, graceful Kimonos, bowing, and rich cuisine. Besides, the scenery and summer travel experience here will also make you fascinated.

What is the weather like in Japanese summer?

The mountainous terrain in Japan accounts for 70% of the total area. In the summer, the climate in Japan is clearly differentiated from north to south, Japanese summer usually starts from around April to the first half of October, with the most pronounced around June, July, and August every year.

If the northernmost part of Japan, Hokkaido has low summer temperatures, the southern provinces such as Oita, Okinawa, etc. have much higher temperatures than other areas. This is explained by the fact that southern Japan is close to the equator, so it is influenced by the hot and humid sub-equatorial climate all year round. In the middle of the Japanese summer (from June to August), temperatures and humidity all over Japan increase, dominated by hot and humid air blowing in from the Pacific Ocean.

Japanese summer travel to experience Fuji Mountain and hot springs.

The next activity that everyone must try when coming to Japan in the summer is soaking in the therapeutic waters at the top hot spring resort in Hokkaido – Noboribetsu. Noboribetsu's hot springs are famous not only for their abundant water resources but also for their variety of water qualities. The mineral-rich water here boils from the ground, rich in salt and minerals, mixed with sulfur to form milky white water, which softens and regenerates the skin.

Mount Fuji boasts the highest elevation in Japan. Every year, hundreds of thousands of climbers both at home and abroad come here to climb to the top of the mountain. The beautiful scenery spreading on both sides of the attractive mountain will immerse you in this beautiful natural scenery.

Immerse yourself in the famous fireworks event in Japan

At the end of July and early August every year, Japan will hold a fireworks event, attracting many tourists from all over to experience it. This event means peace and happiness for the Japanese people. To be able to fully enjoy the beautiful fireworks display, you can choose to camp overnight in an open space. In addition to watching fireworks and taking pictures, you also have the opportunity to enjoy traditional summer dishes in the outdoor space and buy souvenirs and specialties as gifts right at the fireworks area.

Cool off in the Japanese summer at famous beer gardens

There will be nothing better than during the hot Japanese summer when you can stop at Japanese beer gardens to enjoy cool beers. This place is famous for dozens of beer gardens arranged in airy and impressive open spaces, you can enjoy a beer with your family and friends in large numbers

Some recommended places that you can visit to enjoy are the Shibuya beer garden, Harajuku beer garden, Roppongi beer garden, Highball Garden & Rooftop Jingisukan beer garden, etc. These are extremely famous beer gardens and attract many tourists. guests on hot summer days.

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