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Sharehouse in Japan

Back in the legendary 1990s, with the increase of the foreign population in Japan, a new kind of living setup burst onto the scene – the 'gaijin houses' or 'foreigner houses.' Fast forward to today, and Japan has an upgraded version: shared houses - where locals and foreigners can come, it's basically the vibe of multicultural under one roof.

What is a Shared House in Japan?

Think of shared houses as cool rental spots where you get your own private room, but there are also shared spaces where everyone can hang out and exchange ideas in a fresh new way of living.

In these shared houses, you've got cool spots like the lounge (the hangout zone), kitchen, shower rooms, and bathrooms that everyone can use. Some other places even have extra cool stuff like a theater room with a massive screen, a fitness studio, and a music room that's soundproofed – things you probably wouldn't have if you lived solo.

Each shared house has its own vibe and style. Some are all about funky designs and furniture inside the rooms, making them popular and unique, livability is a big deal too.

Some shared houses are like mini communities with themes based on common interests like sports, cycling, or gardening. There are even houses for aspiring business folks with IT skills or places with daycare to help single moms.

Share houses are like the ultimate hangout spots mainly taken over by a crew of young and middle-aged locals or folks who've just landed in Japan from around the globe.


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