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Necessary Documents for Signing The Contract

Being well-prepared increases your chances of getting the property you want. In Japan, renting a house requires various documents, especially for foreign nationals.To confirm your identity before signing a rental contract, you'll need the following documents:


Resident Card (在留カード)

Residence Certificate (住民票): Some rental management companies may request a residence certificate during the application process. Ideally, you should have registered your residence within 14 days of moving to your municipality. You can see how to get the Jyuminhyou in the convenience store here for those who have my number card.

Japanese seal (はんこ): Currently, some management companies permit the use of signatures instead of inkan for signing purposes. Feel free to discuss with your agent to determine if using a signature is an option.

Bank account: Note your bank account number for rent payments. You might need to complete an automatic withdrawal form for your rent, and if possible, bring the account's seal with you.


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