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Most popular Tokyo neighborhoods for students from abroad

Tokyo is home to many prestigious universities, vocational schools and language schools. Let's check the most popular areas for students from abroad based on their proximity to schools and convenience. 1 Shinjuku Area:

Shinjuku is a very big district in Tokyo that is home to Waseda and Sofia University and many famous language schools. It is by far the most popular area for foreign students due to it's proximity to both schools and night life. It is possible to find more affordable accommodation as long as it is not close to Shinjuku station, the main hub. 2 Ikebukuro Area:

Another shopping and entertainment hub, also home to Rikkyo University and Tokyo International University Ikebukuro Campus. Ikebukuro has many cafe, restaurant and game centers that are popular with young people. Surrounding neighbourhoods of Ikebukuro are also recommended since they are more affordable and as convenient. 3 Sangenjaya Area:

Sangenjaya is only 10 minutes away from Shibuya on Denentoshi Line and it is home to American Temple University Japan Campus. Proximity to Shibuya makes it very popular with young professionals as well as students. Surrounding neighbourhoods of Sangenjaya are both calm and green, perfect for those who want to live in a quite neighborhood while being in reach to city center. Frequent buses to Shibuya station also makes these neighborhoods convenient for young people. Keskin

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