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Best Stations to live around

A major real estate corporation has published their results for a survey they conducted for the best stations to live around. Convenience of living and convenience of transportation are the most important factors that shape the top-ranked stations.

Number 1 Minato Mirai

Minato Mirai Station on Minato Mirai Line was ranked number 1 for three consecutive years. This station is in the center of Minato Mirai district in Yokohama. Surrounded by highrise apartment complexes restaurants, shopping centers, and big companies. It is a desired location for employees of big corporations around the district. Touristic facilities, fireworks, and sea view is a part of the charm of this area. Even though this station ranks high in many factors it ranks low in price, as the rent is very high compared to other parts of Kanagawa.

Number 2 Matsubara

Matsubara station on Tokyu Setagaya Line ranked the second line and entered the listing for the first time. Matsubara, a small station that is tied to Sangenjaya station on Denentoshi Line, ranked high in terms of quietness and security.

Number 3 Tsukiji and Shintomicho

2 close stations, Tsukiji station on Hibiya Line and Shintomicho station on Yurakucho Line ranked the third. Thanks to being close to 2 major lines this area ranked number 1 in terms of convenience of transportation and ranked number 3 in terms of friendliness.

Another interesting highlight from the survey is that almost half of the participants said where they want to live is “nowhere in particular” or “the place they currently live in”. This shows a phenomenon that is observed by many experienced real estate agents: residents of Tokyo usually become very content with the place they live in after they move in, as every neighborhood offers different advantages. Source:


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