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The memories of YOKOSUKA

To everyone who is considering visiting Yokosuka.

Before we start to talk about Yokosuka, We would like to show the beautiful view of the ocean which is surrounded by Yokosuka city.

The impression of Yokosuka is that the base there will be relatively unfamiliar, due to there particularity of Yokosuka's geographical location, it is the best port for foreigners who come from the US to enter and leave Japan in the Pacific Ocean. This is why more countries on the other side of the Pacific have a better understanding of Japanese culture.

Join local events are always the best way to close into a city.

as we know every city has a background sports movement that suits its culture and is the best way to get together who have the same hobby as you, no matter where you come from. there nothing can be compared to someone who has common that you never meet each other before. so lucky we have a local event which is called "Yokosuka City Cycling".

You can understand the surrounding environment and get to know the local residents thru the prepared map. (this event was beginning at 2020)

here is the map we found on the website in case someone wants to join in at your convenience.

Take a map and enjoy the ride.

Download PDF • 4.33MB

would like to add the website below as well, feel free to ask me if you are already interested and any things that we can help you live in this city. please leave your comment anytime anywhere you read this blog. We'll appreciate it.


Thank you for reading.

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