LIVE IN PEACE - JPY 92,000,000 Tokyu Toyoko Line - Nakameguro Station 3mins walk 目黒区上目黒(中目黒駅徒歩3分)

Loan Installment JPY 258,633・Management Fee JPY 24,300・Maintenance Fee JPY 42,580

※Loan Installment based on、Zero Downpayment、Tenure 35 years・Interest 0.975%

※all amount above are monthly contributions

Whether as a workplace, when inviting guests, or of course as a calm home. The air flowing here is always pleasant. Near the Nakameguro station, a large space overlooking the sky where private and public coexist. This home has sophisticated design and freedom of layout. A gentle life begins here.

Living garden "Nakameguro"

Red Brick Appreance "Refreshing Outlook"

The condominium introduced this time is located on a sloping area between Komazawa Dori and the alleys, which have heavy traffic. Completed in 1979, it is an apartment with 10 floors and a basement.

This condominium can be used as an office. Since it is near the station and the office rent price is high, I think it is an attractive property for those who want an office and residence.

The condominium has undergone small maintenance, such as elevator renewal work in 2011 and additional security cameras and sensor lights in 2016.

お邪魔します!(a formal way to greet when entering someone house)

There was a picture rail on the wall of the corridor. It's nice to decorate the entrance with your favorite art.

LDK in the back of the corridor

LDK is a large space with about 27.5 quires! There is a step difference of about 10 cm from the entrance floor. A dazzling light is shining through the two sweep windows facing southwest.

The flooring is fitted with herringbone to give the interior a look. Illuminated by the sunlight, it creates warmth in the room. Next, let's look at the kitchen space in the far right!

Stylish kitchen space

To living space

Southwest facing balcony

Refreshing everywhere!!

Like a suite!

When you open the sliding door at the end of the corridor... There is a Western-style room A that has a feeling of openness due to the lighting on the two sides. It is about 9.1 ft in size and has a rich carpet floor.

A neighborhood where life is enriched

Editor Views

It's easy to use not only as a residence but also as a workplace, and it has plenty of room to invite many guests. Near the station, the private area exceeds 100㎡. This time, we will introduce dwelling units with a high degree of freedom, where you can choose various ways of living.

The condominium is a 3-minute walk from Nakameguro Station, which runs the Tokyu Toyoko Line and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. It is built in a place between the main street and the alley. Also, there is a "Daikanyama" station within a 6-minute walk, making it convenient for transportation.

Along with the Meguro River, which is also a symbol of the city, there are fashionable restaurants and select shops. New stores will open one after another, and you will be able to discover new discoveries every time you take a walk. There are several supermarkets around the station, so it seems that you will not have any problems in your daily life.

Actually, the office of Kaukamo is also in Nakameguro. Every morning when I passed by this apartment, I saw a manager working for cleaning, and I was hoping that it would be a condominium with a good management system.

When I visited the site, I found that the common area has a certain amount of age, but it is thoroughly cleaned and lives well. Also, although it has been built in 1979, it has undergone minor repairs such as elevator renovation work in 2006 and water pipe renewal work for common areas in 2010. The reserve fund for repairs will be stored appropriately, and you can expect future maintenance.

One of the attractions of this apartment is that it can be used as an office. It is easily accessed from the station and can be conveniently used as a workplace.

The dwelling unit introduced is located on the 9th floor of the apartment. When you open the front door, the world changes. A spacious space with an LDK and two private rooms in a large space over 100 m². In particular, the LDK, which is about 27 tatami mats, has a space in the space so that it is safe to invite multiple guests.

Another point is that the private space, such as the bed space and bathroom, is well separated by separating the LDK from the corridor. The sliding doors in each room are equipped with lockable doors, and are planned without omission.

The interior is white with a refreshing and sophisticated atmosphere. Herringbone flooring on the steps provided in each space, wall picture rails, and multiple light bulbs on the ceiling. You can feel the high design quality from each node while putting together in a very natural color.

And what you really want to experience locally is the openness of the view. The sky is so wide that you can't imagine it's near the station!

I have not yet been able to tell you about the charm of dwelling units and articles. Please visit the site and try the delusion of your life. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Street address : 1-2-9 Kameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Access : 3 minutes walk from Nakameguro Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line and

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

6 minutes walk from Daikanyama Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line

13 minutes walk from Ebisu Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line/JR

Yamanote Line/Saikyo Line/Shonan Shinjuku Line

Floor plan : 2LDK + Storage Room

Size : 105.30㎡

Balcony : 22.60㎡

Built : Reinforced concrete construction

Floor : 9 / 10F

Total Units : 71 units

Construction date : Dec 1979

Renovation date : Dec 2019

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