LIGHT STEP - JPY 34,800,000 JR Sobu Line - Iidabashi Station 9mins walk 新宿区東五軒町(飯田橋駅徒歩9分)

Loan Installment JPY 97,831・Management Fee JPY 11,900・Maintenance Fee JPY 13,100

※Loan Installment based on、Zero Downpayment、Tenure 35 years・Interest 0.975%

※all amount above are monthly contributions

Longing for a large house. But now that I want to devote myself to work and play, what I want is a small, effective base. In this home where functions of "healing, food, and housing" are compactly integrated, you can spend time alone or with your partner. Let's enjoy Tokyo even more with the leeway created by the ease of access!

"Healing, Work, and lifestyle"

40㎡ studio

This time, I would like to introduce a compact dwelling unit that takes advantage of a good location. While Iidabashi, which has good transportation convenience, which support your busy day travel, the fashionable food of Kagurazaka and the Edogawabashi, which is full of downtown atmosphere, that will heal your life. The gently zoned one room studio will allow two people to live together without hesitation!

Red Brick Appearance

◎Upper left ・The building was built in 1981. It is a condominium with a total of 45 units facing the Mejiro Dori and the Metropolitan Expressway. Large-scale repair work and roof waterproofing work were carried out in 2015, and iron part painting work is being carried out in 2019. ◎Upper right ・ the entrance from the main street. ◎Bottem left ・A delivery box is available in the common area. The elevator is equipped with an auto lock, which is activated by holding the key on the control panel. Solid security gives you a sense of security ◎ Bottom right ・I took the elevator to the 7th floor. At the end of the back right is the entrance door of the dwelling unit we are introducing.

By the way, there is a supermarket "MyBasket Higashigokencho"on the 1st floor. It's a great ally since it's open for a long time from 7am to 24:00!

お邪魔します!(a formal way to greet when entering someone house)

◎Left ・Light reaches the entrance from the glass door.

◎Right ・The entrance area is compact. It has a lower leg compartment that is high up to the ceiling, and has plenty of storage capacity.

Although it has been cut off in the photo, there is a hook next to the lower leg case that you can hang your jacket on. Nice consideration♡

Great for remote work!

There is a workspace window facing north.

There is a movable open shelf on the wall. You can put books and materials, decorate with photos and miscellaneous items as a place to store, use boxes to store daily necessities, etc. It can be used in various ways!

Ingenuity studio

As you proceed through the room, you will see a bright, 17.5-tray space with double-sided lighting. Although it's a one room studio, but the bed space and living/dining areas are gently zoned.

In fact, maybe this is the leading role

Although it has a color that blends in well with the walls, it is a “back guard” kitchen with a presence in the middle of the dwelling unit. Next to the kitchen is a work counter with a mortar finish that resists scratches & heat. Two people seem to be able to cook side by side ♪

Even with a double dining table or sofa, there is enough space in front of the kitchen for people to pass by.

Bed Space

The dwelling unit faces east. There is a space where you can put a bed at the back. As it faces the balcony, you can have a pleasant morning with the light coming in!

Balcony View

Mejiro-dori, Shuto Expressway & Gas station, a city-like view with a little punch. However, the sky looks big here too. Due to the double sash used in the windows, the running noise of the car was not too noticeable indoors by the window. However, it sounds loud when you go outside, so it's better to check here.

Wide balcony. It was raining during the visit, but it looks like it will be sunny on a sunny day. If you are worried about exhaust gas from the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway, we recommend using a cloth dryer.

Back to the room

Standing against the back of a balcony overlooks the room. Lighting is installed for each space on the ceiling and walls. The living room lights do not dazzle when you lie down in bed. Care was taken not to disturb your partner even when the two were living together.

The view from the bed space looks like this.

The storage divided in the middle is also a point where the two can live together. Since it has a curtain rail, it can be used open or blindfolded with a curtain.

From the storage side.

It seems that it can support a wide range of lifestyles when the furniture is perfectly placed.

Lastly, at the water area

◎Left・A washroom with a white floor and a patterned floor as a cute accent. There is a window on the back of the mirror for ventilation. ◎Middle・The bathtub is deep and it seems that my shoulders will be immersed in hot water. ◎Right・Access to the toilet from the washroom. There are windows here as well.

Editor Views

The option of a compact studio so that you can fully enjoy the life of the city center while utilizing the surrounding towns. Within a space of about 40㎡, you will find pieces for a comfortable life, such as a workspace, a wide kitchen, and a storage space in a bed space.

The zoning is gentle, so even two people can live without disturbing each other's time. It's sunny, and plenty of light fills the entire room.

Each of these properties is surrounded by a unique city. It is within walking distance from "Iidabashi" station, which is convenient for getting on and off with multiple lines, the gorgeous "Kagurazaka" station, and "Edogawabashi" where there is a feeling of downtown.

From “Iidabashi” station, it is an approach to walk straight on Mejiro Dori. In addition to the well-stocked supermarket "Inageya Iidabashi" (500m, 6 minutes walk), it is convenient to have "Maibasuke Higashigokencho" on the first floor of the apartment.

The building faces Mejiro Dori, which has a lot of traffic, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. Further, across the road, there is a gas station next to it, and you can feel the hustle and bustle of the city. However, thanks to the double sash, when the window was closed, the running sound of the car was at a level that was not so noticeable. However, each person has different ways of feeling the sound, so please check with the site.

A seamless life where the city is like a part of the house. It is also recommended for those who want to use it as the "first store for the time being" or as one of the residences in multiple locations.

As mentioned above, there are possibilities that the number of financial institutions that can use mortgages and the amount of borrowed money may be limited due to the results of seismic analysis and the layout of this property. If you are worried, please feel free to contact an agent.

We look forward to your inquiry!

Street address : 6-31 Higashigokencho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Access : 9 min walk from Iidabashi Station which connects Tokyo Metro Namboku

Line, Yurakucho Line, Tozai Line, JR Chuo Line, Sobu Line, and Toei Oedo Line

9 min walk from Edogawabashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line

12 min walk from Kagurazaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line

Floor plan : Studio

Size : 40.67㎡

Balcony : 5.40㎡

Built : Steel frame reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete construction

Floor : 7 / 10F

Total Units : 45 units

Construction date : September 1981

Renovation date : March 2020

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