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Famous Spot To See Autumn Leaves In Tokyo

Enjoy the Japanese autumn in Tokyo tour, why not? Tokyo is a beautiful land with bright red colors in autumn and a warm climate. This is definitely the most interesting experience that everyone wants to have during their trip to Japan in the red leaf season.

1. Rakugien Flower Garden

The oldest garden in Rikugien is a must-see autumn tourist attraction in Tokyo. Rikugien was built more than 1700 years ago under the shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi. The shogun granted Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu this garden and allowed him to freely design it. As a lover of poetry, Yoshiyasu decided to build a garden surrounded by ornamental trees, romantic and charming rivers, and lakes.

Rikugien Garden is the most unique autumn tourist destination in Tokyo. Because at that time, more than 600 red-leaved Momiji trees began to bloom, dyeing the beautiful garden red. The trees grow alternately with the green trees in the garden, dropping their leaves on the lake's surface. This moving scene made the Tokugawa shogun visit more than 58 times during his lifetime.

2. Showa Kinen Park

Showa Kinen Park with impressive natural beauty is located in the heart of modern Tokyo. The park was built on the US military base in 1977 and officially opened, welcoming visitors in October 1983.

Showa Kinen has a large area of 165 hectares, each season has a different beauty. Spring at Showa Kinen with signature tulips and cherry blossoms. In the fall, these beautiful petals will give way to the brilliant yellow leaf season in Japan.

Entering the park, you will be greeted by 2 rows of large-sized cypress trees on both sides of the road. These 2 rows of ancient Icho trees dyed a corner of the sky in Showa Kinen Park. Here you can capture the best autumn photos with many standard shooting angles without adjustment!

3. Namiki Avenue

Traveling to Tokyo will be a pity if you do not enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery at Icho Namiki Avenue. No need to waste time going to the suburbs to see the beautiful autumn of Japan. In the heart of Tokyo, the yellow color of the cypress tree stands out between the space and the warm autumn weather.

Coming to Icho Namiki, you will be overwhelmed by the poetic scenery here. With a road of 300m long, both sides of the road are planted with beautiful Icho ginkgo trees, this avenue is also named for these special features. The people of Tokyo call this place affectionately known "Ginkgo tree avenue". The beauty of this place is like romantic movies and is often chosen as the most unique movie scene.

4. Yoyogi Park

If you are a lover of nature and fun outdoor activities, then Yoyogi Park is the place to bring all of those elements together just for you. Every weekend Yoyogi will have exciting activities to serve Tokyo residents and tourists.

Yoyogi Park is considered one of the most beautiful autumn tourist destinations in Tokyo. With an area of ​​over 54.1 hectares located in the busy Shibuya district. The autumn scenery at Yoyogi is a wonderful sight with attractive yellow-leaf ginkgo flowers. The large space is suitable for both adults and children to play together in the warm autumn air.

5. Takao Mountain

On average, more than 2.6 million people climb Mount Takao each year when traveling to Tokyo. And Takao is considered the mountain with the highest number of people choosing to climb in Japan. The vegetation here is extremely rich with more than 1300 different types of trees. Each season, Mount Takao puts on an impressive shirt of its own, the most distinctive of which is the Japanese autumn scene.

If you choose to take the train from Shinjuku Station on the Keio Line to Takaosanguchi Station, you will admire the beautiful autumn scenery in Japan. At each stop at Mount Takao, you feel like entering a separate attraction. The beautiful scenery of temples, and trees mixed with the red color of autumn, will surely be a wonderful experience on the trip.

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