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Why We Love Japan

Revealing the daily life picture in Japan.

Life in Japan might be full of challenging and difficulties but its amazing lifestyle is undeniably a major factor that causes an increasing number of residents who want to study and work in Japan. Here is the general picture of life in Japan that any foreigners should know before moving or traveling to this "land of the rising sun"

General of a Daily Life in Japan


The housing price in Japan is always at a high level, considered expensive compared to other Asian countries or most of the developed countries in the world. If you want to buy a house in Tokyo for around $260,000, then you need to find houses further than the center of Tokyo around 60km, which means those places are located in the countryside. Therefore people tend to rent a house to live in and wait until they reach their financial stability.


Transportation in Japan is undeniably convenient, especially in big cities. The main transportation for the Japanese is the train, subway, bus, and car. In Japan, there is also a well-known bullet train called the Shinkansen which can take you from one city to another within a short period of time. People often choose the Shinkansen instead of the airplane when they want to travel since they do not need to do the complicated procedure as in an Airport but still keep the schedule on time.

Daily Life

Japan is considered one of the most developed countries in the world with a fast-paced lifestyle but their people know how to enjoy their life.


Strict rules and laws and people's self-awareness are well-known in Japanese culture, They obey every rule and once you break the law the punishment is really serious, therefore mostly the citizens here strictly follow the rules, which makes life in Japan more peaceful and comfortable.

Reduced Noice Pollution

With the advanced and developed public transportation such as train and subway, it is understandable that personal vehicle is used quite limited in the center of Tokyo, when finding parking places and the price to park per house is even more expensive compared to taking a train, hence people can reduce the noise pollution from the car horn. The crowded train station has become a common thing in Japan during the peak hour, therefore people tend to walk faster in order not to trouble other passengers to catch up with the next train, they respect each other with a calm attitude.

Clean Air

Tokyo is the most crowded city in Japan but its air index is still maintained at a good level most of the time according to IQAird due to the advanced garbage disposal system and citizens' awareness of the environment. Living in Japan will enhance your responsibility in terms of keeping the environment clean and the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) are followed strictly by people. When you move from one apartment to another, the first thing they remind you is how to separate garbage and dispose of each type of garbage correctly, they have a scientific schedule for disposal of each type of garbage on a specific day of the week, by doing so not only safe the environment but also enhance the awareness of citizen on the environmental problem.


Japan is always on the top list of the safest country in the world with a low rate of crime. If you lose your wallet or phone at the train station or on the bus, 90% that it will be delivered to the nearest police station and you can get it back. If you get lost in Japan, the police are willing to drive you back home or instruct you to go to the nearest train station.

Self-service Stores

It is a common thing in Japan when you see a store without any manager or cashier. All you need to do is choose your stuff and pay for yourself. It is an interesting culture that surprised most tourists when they first come to Japan, a business based on trust between each other.

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