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Where foreigners live in Tokyo

Foreigners are 4% of Tokyo’s population and more than 80% of them live in 23 wards.

There was an increase in the foreign population in Tokyo after Covid restrictions ended. Let us take a look at the most popular wards with residents of foreign origin.


Shinjuku has the biggest population from abroad. According to data from 2023 July Shinjuku currently has 41430 foreign residents. The majority are from China and Korea. Shinjuku is the most popular ward for Koreans among all the wards of Tokyo. This is not a surprise considering Shinokubo Korean Town is located in Shinjuku ward.


Edogawa follows Shinjuku right behind with 40,439 residents. Edogawa ward is very popular with Chinese residents. It is an affordable area with convenient train lines and many parks. It is a family-friendly area with access to leisure areas on the river and seaside.


Adachi ward is the third most popular area with the most foreign residents. Adachi ward at the very North of Tokyo center is surrounded by other popular residential cities like Kawaguchi, Soka, and Katsushika which makes this ward attractive. Both Sumida and Arakawa, two major rivers of Tokyo pass through this ward which shapes the scenery of Adachi ward.

Special mention: Setagaya

Setagaya ward doesn’t have as many foreign residents as the top wards but it is more preferred by residents from Europe and America. The overall residential population is highest in Tokyo as there are many residential neighborhoods in this ward. The convenient location between Yokohama and Tokyo center makes it popular among expats who work in those two locations. Also, Rakuten has its headquarters in Setagaya which makes this area popular among IT professionals.

It is important to mention that more than 85% of foreigners in Tokyo are of working age and most of them are in their 20s and 30s. This also highlights the importance of foreign residents in Tokyo’s economic life. Keskin

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