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Taking care of your house in Japan

Japan could be more prone to mold and bug infestation compared to your home country. It is best to be careful to avoid problems. Here are some tips to take care of your house.

Preventing mold Especially the humid summer months may cause mold problem for the tenants. To prevent mold

-Vacuum clean your house regularly -Leave your ventilation filters in your toilet and in your bathroom on for 24 hours.

- AC and air filter cleaning

-Make sure your bathroom doesn’t stay wet for a long time after you use the shower. You can use the drying function of your bathroom ventilation system to dry your shower room quickly. Make sure your house receives enough sunlight.

-Don’t leave dirty dishes filled with water sitting in your sink for a long time.

-If you feel the room is too humid, use the anti-humidity/dry function of your AC. Usefull products:

-Kabi killer foam spray: Gets rid of black mold and pink bacteria stains. Spray on the problem area, wait for 5 minutes and wash with water.

-Anti-mold stickers: Stick or hang on your bathroom ceiling, change every 6 months.

AC and air filter cleaning

It is advised to clean the filters in the AC units and other ventilation units in the bathroom and the toilets once in every 6 months. Instructions about how to remove the filter is usually written on the units, please follow those instructions. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust on the filter or even wash some of the filters. Dirty or molded filters may spread more mold or bacteria to your apartment.

Preventing bugs Thanks to the rich nature of Japan, it is normal to see bugs in your house once in a while. However you should prevent them from infesting your place.

-Make sure your mosquito nets are always closed properly.

-Keep your corners and under your couches clean.

-Don’t keep your trash in the house for long.

-Don’t leave food on the open.

-Put cockroach traps around your house just in case.

-Cockroaches may start coming in through your AC during the Autumn months due to dropping temperatures outside. They climb in through the water pipe of the AC. Tie a tulle/ net pocket there to prevent bugs from going in while letting the water get out.

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