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Studying Abroad in Tokyo, All You Need To Know

Should we choose Japan, specifically Tokyo as a study destination? I will give you several reasons why you should choose Tokyo to study abroad.

Tokyo in General

For people who want to study in metropolitan cities with a lively atmosphere and convenient lifestyle, Tokyo will be your first choice that comes to your mind due to its technology and innovation, yet still deeply rooted in thousands of years of tradition and heritage. Tokyo is one of the most crowded metropolitan cities in the world together with New York and London according to the latest QS Best Student Cities ranking, also it was known as the second-best student city London-England. We can say that Tokyo is a city for people who want to immerse themselves in the local culture as well as experience globalization in this city.

Tokyo also provides a multicultural environment for international people who want to live a fast-paced lifestyle and enjoy state-of-the-art technology, also the safety that nowhere else can compare. Furthermore, job opportunities are welcome for foreigners with numerous admired companies recruiting

Top Ranked University in Tokyo

Here is the 12 most prestigious university ranked globally in Tokyo

Why Studying Abroad In Tokyo

Delicious Cuisine

Cuisine in Tokyo is one of the most interesting things in the world. Besides Sushi and Sashimi, you can also experience significant street food such as Takoyaki, Yakiniku, and all of the noodles type that is famous in anime/manga. The price is also diverse so you can easily find affordable dishes in your pocket.

High-Quality Life

The high quality of living is probably the main reason for international students to choose Tokyo to study abroad. Tokyo streets are not only clean but also safe for locals and ex-pats, which makes this city become famous with its top train lines system, you can be guaranteed to live your most comfortable and safe life here.


The unique and welcoming culture, with Omotenashi - hospitality mindset, makes Tokyo an international friendly city, moreover, Tokyo is also a gadget paradise for those who love all new and exciting devices, from robots to smart cities, they are never shy away from change. Besides, it is true to say that living in Tokyo means you will never get bored since you can always find new activities to experience. They have thousands of museums, amusement parks, glorious gardens, shrines, and festivals held all year depending on the season.

Job Opportunities in Tokyo

Tokyo is highly ranked for its labor force activities, which shows a high rate of employment locally and globally. In fact, Tokyo is one of the most industrialized cities in the world, and many international investment banks, insurance companies, and international cooperation have their headquarters in Tokyo

Students who graduate from universities in Tokyo have numerous job opportunities from technology to transportation, commercial, financial and medical. Their growing economy allows individuals from all educational backgrounds to start their businesses and be successful in the long term.

Hope that the blog gives you the necessary information that all students are looking for. If you need any support from studying abroad feel free to leave feedback in the comment section so that we can address your concern.

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