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Move Out Procedures, What To Do?

When expats arrive in Japan and are new to the country, they often face various challenges and confusion due to the complex processes involved in relocating. We will provide a helpful overview of the essential steps for moving house in Japan.

Below are the procedures you need to carry out before moving house in Japan

Terminate the Old House Contract:

Typically, you must give one month's notice before canceling your housing contract. To avoid breaching rental terms, review your contract when planning to move and schedule a suitable moving date.

Disconnect Utilities and Services:

Don't underestimate the time needed to disconnect utilities like electricity, water, gas, and internet. Each service has specific procedures, some online and some requiring appointments with providers.

Inform Authorities of Your Move:

About two weeks before moving, complete a "notification of moving out" (転出届, tenshutsu todoke) form at your local government office (kuyakusho or shiyakusho). Ensure you have the necessary documents beforehand when you reach there.

Motorbike Users:

If you own a motorbike (50cc - 125cc), obtain a "driving cessation certificate" (廃車証明書, haisha shoumeisho) at your old residence and complete new registration procedures at your new residence.

Transfer Mail to Your New Address:

Use the "mail transfer notification" (郵便物の転送届, yubinbutsuu no tensou todoke) procedure at the post office or online to forward your mail to your new address.

Update Home Address for All Contracts:

Notify all entities with your old address on file (ATM cards, credit cards, phone services, etc.) about your address change.

Dispose of Unwanted Items:

Discard small items following your current residence's trash disposal schedule. For large items, arrange for disposal at a waste treatment center (粗大ごみの処分, sodaigomi no shobun) by calling a disposal center and purchasing a disposal card.

Consider Reusing or Donating Items:

For items you no longer need but aren't damaged, consider giving them away through social media groups or donating to local recycling shops.

Clean Your Old Residence:

Ensure your old residence is cleaned and free of trash before moving out. The real estate company or landlord will inspect it before you hand over the property.

Register for Necessary Services

When moving to a new place, you need to redo the registration contracts for electricity, water, gas, internet, etc depending on your needs.

These are the essential steps expats need to be aware of when relocating to Japan. We hope that this information simplifies your moving and house-cleaning tasks.


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