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Living in Sangenjaya

In recent years Sangenjaya (also known as Sanja among locals) has become one of the most popular locations for expats and students. It offers a unique combination of metropolis life and suburb life.


Sangenjaya has excellent connectivity to Tokyo center. The Tokyu Dem-en-toshi Line ensures a smooth commute to major hubs like Shibuya and beyond. Sangenjaya is only the third stop after Shibuya on this major train line that connects the rest of Tokyo and Kanagawa to the center. Buses crisscross the neighborhood, making it easy to explore nearby areas. The local Setagaya train line also makes it convenient to go to the Ward Office and hospitals. Living style Sangenjaya offers both suburban-style detached houses and modern apartments. Small terrace houses also offer affordability to the student population in the neighborhood. During the daytime Sangenjaya has nice cafes and shopping options, after sunset, it transforms into a nightlife hub with many bars and karaoke places.

Parks Next to the urban landscape, Sangenjaya offers pockets of green as well. Setagaya Park and Komazawa Olympic Park provide a breath of fresh air for outdoor activities. Fitness enthusiasts can explore local gyms, sports clubs, or yoga studios. As it offers a diverse variety of housing options Sangenjaya is a great place to settle in and live for generations. Everyone can find something that fits their lifestyle in Sangenjaya. Keskin

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