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How to keep your apartment warmer in Japan

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Heat insulation may not be a problem in expensive tower mansions however many tenants in Japan live in wooden terrace houses or older apartments and have problem keeping their house warm during Japanese winter. Here are some tips for tenants to save energy and keep warm during winter.

Give a chance to carpets

There are 2 types of people: those who love carpets and hate carpets. You may be in the second group after all nothing beats the modern looks of shiny floorings and it feels so much more hygienic compared to carpets that suck and traps everything, but it’s time to make peace with carpets. Carpets in winter feel warm to your feet and add an extra layer of insulation. As a bonus, it helps with sound proof and therefore makes your downstairs neighbor very grateful.

Better, ticker curtains

Curtains are very effective in trapping the heat inside and reducing your energy costs. Nitori has energy-saving curtains that will keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside. Good curtains will also give you better shade, save your furniture from UV damage and continue to help you save energy in summer as well.

Insulation sheets for your windows

Where does all the warmness go the moment you turn off your AC? Well, most of it escapes from your window glasses. You can buy heat insulation sheets to stick on your windows from home centers. They even come with patterns if you don’t like the idea of having bubble wrap all over your windows. If you have old window frames and can feel the wind blowing when you put your hand on the corners, you may prefer the ones that stick on the metal window frames and covers the whole window.

Think smaller

Of course it is easier and cheaper to keep a smaller area warm. If you have extra rooms like guest room or study room that you don’t use, make sure you keep the doors closed. Even if you live in a studio apartment as many students and bachelors in Japan try, to keep the doors to your hallway and bathroom closed.

Mind the door gaps

There are tape like products that you can use to close the gaps under your doors. You can use them on your balcony doors as well. You can find these products by searching for すき間ブラシシール (Sukima/gap brush seal) It is easy to apply and the brush-like texture doesn’t hinder the movement of the doors.

Good luck and stay warm!

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