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System Architect

System Architect

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English (main), Japanese

Upon Request


Contract / Permanent

9:00 ~ 18:00

We are looking for System Architect who can start in August 2020. It is a position that requires business development skills. We will build a system that introduces machine learning and optimization algorithms in our logistics service, order management system where products are deployed, warehouse system, delivery system operation process improvement and new service construction. Major achievements include product packing size prediction using machine learning and picking efficiency improvement using optimization algorithms. 

What we are Looking For

We are looking for an Experienced System Architect who can discover and understand operational improvement issues in the logistics business. Taking responsible on wide range of roles from planning, technology verification, PoC, requirement definition, implementation, effect measurement, and operation in AI system development.

Role Requirements:

  • Development experience in Python/Java/Scala/Kotlin etc.

  • Development experience in machine learning libraries (scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Chainer, PyTorch, etc.)

  • Fundamental knowledge about machine learning ※It is acceptable as long as you posses high interest in machine learning.

  • English language skill is mandatory (Basic Communication Japanese language skill is expected)

Not Required but a Plus:

  • Experience in building a web application system.

  • Experience in building logistics services.

  • Basic knowledge of combinatorial optimization problems.

The ideal candidate will be able to coach and mentor junior members to support the growth of the team. Due to the current travel restrictions, residents already living in Japan are preferred

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